The wind turbine is the first component of the game. It costs 1$ and produces 0.15 power per tick. It is expired after 10 ticks. A wind turbine lifetime generates $1.5, with $0.5 as profit.

After a wind turbine expires, it stops producing power. An expired turbine is distinct for its weak opacity. You need $1 more to replace it. If the reactor is full of wind turbines, it may be hard to replace them one by one. You need to buy Wind turbine manager, under the Research tab, to make this automatic. In the upgrade tab you can buy lifetime upgrades.

Wind turbine lifetime and efficiency may be upgraded in the Upgrade tab

Price Lifetime Upgrade Price Efficiency Upgrade
$15 1 $50 1
$180 2 $700 2
$2,160 3 $1,960 3
$25,920 4 $5,488 4
$311,040 5 $15,366 5
$43,026 6 $3.73M 6
$120,473 7 $44.79M 7
$337,323 8 $537.48M 8
$944,505 9 $6.45B 9
$2.64M 10 $77.4B 10

Strangely, when you try to place a wind turbine on a loaded heat cell, the game says, "You can only build max 1 heat producing cell(s) on this reactor." 

  • A wind turbine producing power.
  • A wind turbine that has no ticks left.

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