The variety of offices exists for one purpose only - to sell power automatically. They all sell at the ratio of 1:1 and all share a pathetically small heat pool of 10, assigned solely to make sure they explode at the merest touch with anything heat-bearing.

All offices share the same upgrades, so switching up to new offices is merely a question of approaching the upper limits of sold power. There is no sense to have total selling power far in excess of what is produced, so switching out old offices for new should happen apace with the power ramp-up.

Bank is a special building, however. It`s not contributing to power sales directly at all, but instead boosts the sale power of all adjacent offices. Bank effects are linearly cumulative.

Office Image Price Sells Power per tick Max Heat
Home Office HomeOffice 50 5 10
Small Office SmallOffice 100000 100 10
Medium Office MediumOffice 500 M 2500 10
Large Office LargeOffice 10 B 60000 10
Huge Office HugeOffice 1 Q 900000 10