Power plants are the locations where you layout and build your structures. Each power plant has its own power reserves, and purchased upgrades are specific to each power plant. Researched technologies however are available globally. The main "Power plants" tab shows a list of power plants available to you, how much income and research each is producing, and also lets you unlock new ones for a fee.

Power Plants Tiles Price
Island 35 Free
Village 92 $1 Million
Region 142 $100 Billion
City 278 $100 Trillion
Single Heat Cell 285 $1 Quadrillion
Metropolis 375 $50 Quadrillion
Four Heat Cell 285 $1.25 Quintillion
Mainland 410 $30 Quintillion
Eight Heat Cell 285 $750 Quintillion
Continent 450 $21 Sextillion

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