Generators are components that accept the heat and output electricity. Conversion rate is 1:1. Each generator has a set maximum of heat that can be converted to electricity per tick. Any excess heat is put towards heating up the generator instead. If generator is overheated above it`s max heat rating, it will explode.

Generators are not limited to one heat source and will pull heat from all available sources equally. Normally, Generator does not transfer heat, but hooking up Heat Sink or Heat Exchanger will leach the excess heat further on. This can be utilized by creating a staggered line of generators and heat exchangers.

When water becomes available, generators class 2 and higher can take in water and expend it to convert additional heat into electricity. The rate of water conversion is initially 1:100, meaning that for each unit of water per tick, generator will convert additional 100 points of heat into electricity at 1:1 ratio. More advanced generators have better ratios.

Important to note that basic generator can NOT take in water, and therefore won`t benefit from waterworks.

Similar to situation with heat, generator on it`s own does not transfer water through it, however it will allow an excess of water to be drained into Water Pipe, if one is available and has less water then Generator does. It`s generally inefficient, though, because generator will only let through the amount of water that is the difference between it`s max capacity for water and it`s water usage per tick.

While game allows one to unlock four generators sequentially, there is no functional difference in their use, barring the introduction of water. All four generators use the same upgrade options, meaning that within the same reactor all upgrades made for generators of lower class will be already applied to any newly built generator of higher class.

Generator Table
Generator Price Converts Heat Max Heat Water Capacity Water Ratio Unlocked By
Generator 500 3 25 N/A N/A Solar Panels
Generator 2 2.5 M 9 150 5000 1:100 Gas Burner
Generator 3 10 T 32 900 8000 1:200 Fusion Cells
Generator 4 50 Q 96 2,200 22,000 1:400 Thorium Cells

Generator 2 with a Gas Burner feeding into it.

The basic arrangement for power production via generator - heat source and generator to convert heat into electricity.